• Confused regarding what you need to do with your Digital plans?

    I keep Six Honest Serving Men, they taught me all I knew. Their names are 

    What? & Why? & How? 

    Where? & When? & Who? 

    Don't let the technical tail wag your commercial dog!  We pull together your digital communications to meet your commercial goals

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  • Need to find some sense in the digital world?

    We provide companies with pragmatic support focused on measurable results.

    We don't use a 'here's the solution - now what's the problem' approach

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  • Google Analytics Reporting

    Past performance is a guide to future performance!

    The definition of madness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result!

    We translate data into actionable insight.

    Google Analytics Analysis
  • If you don't know where you are going...

    Any road will get you nowhere.

    That's why it is important to determine your goals before you set out on your digital journey. With so many roads to choose from how do you determine what areas to invest your time, money and resources into?

    Digital Strategy Planning
  • We are not Superhero's, Social Media Ninjas or Gurus...

    We just do good old fashioned commercial marketing that delivers results.

    If you can't measure it you can't manage it! 

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Data Segmentation

Understanding your existing data and client requirements is an important part of every business. 

That is why it is important to make sure your customer data is kept up to date...

More on Data Segmentation

Digital Strategy

Having a marketing strategy is one thing but making sure you can keep up or get ahead of your competitors you need to think digital. But just having a strategy sometimes is not enough...

Create your Digital Strategy

Email Marketing

It's great that businesses are using email as a marketing tool but how many are tracking the success effectively? 

Don't focus upon campaign metrics like open rate - look at customer engagement!

More on Email Marketing

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Testimonals From Our Customers

Six Serving Men provided practical advice into the development of our Digital and Data strategy. This has helped us focus upon developing the systems & skills required to develop our capability to enable us to recognise and respond accordingly to our customers and prospects. 
Chris Gadsby - Commercial Marketing Director - Bauer Media

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have case studies?

We have a number of case studies for

  • Multinational businesses
  • Blue Chip UK based companies
  • East Midlands based business 

They can be can be found under the Case Studies section of the website.

please email us via help@6sm.co.uk or call us on Tel : 0115 837 2663 to find out more
How does my website get visitors?
How does my website get visitors?

Don’t fall into the fallacy of “If we build it they will come” - Visitors come to websites in two ways;

  • Directly – through business cards, as favourites or in address books, clicking links on emails that you send to them etc.
  • Indirectly - through third party sites e.g. Search engines, Social networks, other websites.

To attract new and returning visitors requires effort in various ways.

The best method for you website will depend upon the type of business you run and your customer base. Visitors will do three things when they visit

  1. Find your site
  2. View your site
  3. Do something - All visits will end in clicking the exit button. The key is to ensure that you provide value for them whilst they are on your website that will encourage them to do what you have set out as the objective of the site e.g. contact you via email, phone etc, sign up for email updates, buy products, book an event, print a document, view a video etc.

Driving visitors to you site requires a range of approaches but don't focus just on HITS - that's an acronym for "How Idiots Track Success"     

please email us via help@6sm.co.uk or call us on Tel : 0115 837 2663 to find out more
What solutions do you offer?
What solutions do you offer?

Six Serving Men main solution is Commercial Sales & Marketing Strategic consultancy support.
This involves both online & offline activity including

  • Market Analysis & planning  
  • Collating and Developing Strategic plans
  • Establishing Perforance metrics and analytical reporting frameworks
  • Diagnostic analysis into existing capabilities
  • Implementation planning and on going support

To discuss your own requirements please contact us.

please email us via help@6sm.co.uk or call us on Tel : 0115 837 2663 to find out more
Where can I find some customer testimonials?
Where can I find some customer testimonials?

We are constantly developing the client testimonial information. 

We have been fortunate to work with some great companies and help develop solutions that support their commercial goals.

See our client testimonials or contact us to find out more.

please email us via help@6sm.co.uk or call us on Tel : 0115 837 2663 to find out more
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