Why do I need a website or digital presence?

A great question and the first question we will ask you.

Without having defined objectives for your site you may end up with a nice looking site, BUT if it does not work for your customers or your business, it won’t be effective.

There are various reasons for your business having a web site, including:

  1. To generate increased sales – either directly through a site that enables sales or as a marketing site that will enable prospective customers to find & interact with you  .
  2. Providing updated information to existing clients.
  3. Serving as a reference point for your industry.
  4. Providing a forum for feedback from your existing and potential clients.
  5. Creating a higher profile for your business in the community.
  6. Raising public awareness.

Ultimately it should come back to £'s - is it an asset or just a necessary cost ? You will generate value through:

  1. Direct Sales : Selling Services / Products, Providing Membership or subscriptions, Advertising, Events etc.
  2. Indirect Sales : Leads Generated, Attracting visits to a shop or attraction etc.
  3. Reducing costs : Enabling self service, Doing things quicker, Reducing the cost of order processing etc.

Without understanding the benefits you seek to get from having a digital presence it is difficult to ensure you are being effective! 


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