What are the costs associated with a digital strategy?

All websites have various costs associated with them.

  1. The URL costs – your name on the internet e.g. www.yourcompany.co.uk which will be used as the reference point or address that visitors can find you and your content at.

  2. Website build costs – to design your site will incur direct costs but also indirect costs. 

  3. The direct costs will be things such as web site design and build Indirect costs will include your time & effort designing the site and providing content. Website hosting costs – your website is a combination of files hosted on a machine somewhere. Technically you can host on your own machine or on a machine hosted by a third party. Most companies who don't host themselves use a third party where they have space on a shared server (unless they are big enough to have dedicated servers).

  4. Website maintenance costs - again your site will incur direct costs and indirect costs. The direct costs will be things such as adjustments to the website - if you don't posses the technical skills or capability to update them yourself. In addition there are a number of potential additional costs to drive traffic towards the site, e.g. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. 

  5.  Indirect costs will include your time effort updating content and ensuring the site is effective.

The phrase ”total cost of ownership” is used to summarise the full price of your web presence - this is the cost you should use against the benefits you derive from your web presence.


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