Will I need my home website updating in the future?

The simple answer is YesWebsites need to be relevant and “relevance is in the eye of the visitor”.

If the content is not "current" or up to date new visitors will be put off and previous visitors will have little incentive to view material.

To link your visitors with your content means your site must be interesting and recent. Too many sites are just electronic brochures - set up some time ago and have not been updated for months or years.

This has a number of drawbacks, including:

  1. It is a missed opportunity to communicate with existing clients
  2. It does not provide any value to potential customers - and puts them off
  3. Search engines prefer and favour sites that have “up to date content”

Once designed and built your site will be available but the information contained within it must be relevant so that any visitor will want to view it. You don't need to constantly alter the look but without the ability to update the content you will be at a disadvantage.  


No Very

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