How does my website get visitors?

Don’t fall into the fallacy of “If we build it they will come” 

Maintaining contact with Customers and getting new prospects!

The Internet is now the primary source for customers and prospects to finding information about your business and to interact with your company.

Visitors to your website will arrive either;

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To attract new and returning visitors requires effort in various ways.

The best method for you website will depend upon the type of business you run and your customer base. Visitors will do three things when they visit

  1. Find your site
  2. View your site
  3. Do something - All visits will end in clicking the exit button. The key is to ensure that you provide value for them whilst they are on your website that will encourage them to do what you have set out as the objective of the site e.g. Contact you via email, phone etc, Sign up for email updates, Buy products, Book an event, Print a document, view a video etc.

Driving visitors to you site requires a range of approaches but don't focus just on HITS - that's an acronym for "How Idiots Track Success"


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