What is mapping the digital landscape?

Ultimately your Digital capability is based upon communicating information and enabling customers & prospects to do something - interact with your company

This often lost  within the Techno-babble and noise that surrounds websites, Search Engine Optimisation, Social media, Mobile apps etc. 

People who interact with your company via Digital channels either

  1. Directly - they find your website as they know or have saved your URL, they have downloaded your web app or from a link in an e-Mail you send to them.
  2. Indirectly - They may find your website via a third party, Partner Site or Official Body, through a Search Engine or a Social Media portal
Digital Landscape

When they interact with your Digital assets e.g. your website, the outcome will be a variety of actions that could range from

  1. Positive e.g. Purchase products , submit an enquiry, Facebook like etc. 
  2. Negative e.g poor review, Unsubscribe from future communications etc. 
  3. to Indifferent e.g. Do nothing and just leave. 

Without understanding who your visitors are and what you want them to do, your company will be unable to measure how successful your Strategy is, or what you can do to enhance it.


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