Google Analytics - how do I get to understand it?

Google Analytics provides insight into how your website is performing. We can help you understand how you are performing but prefer to provide a quantitative overview rather than a qualitative summary.

Enabling Six Serving Men to have access to your Google Analytics

It's easy to set Six Serving Men Up with access to review your website performance if you use Google Analytics

Step1 : Logon to your Google Analytics Account.

Once logged on you will see the Admin Panel

Step 2 :  Google Analytics Administration Panel

Google has recently (Summer 2013) introduced a new admin panel based upon the concept of

Most business will have a single account, single property and single profile set up - We will talk you through the benefits of how this is set up at a later stage

Click the User Management category

Step 3 :  Add Permission for

It is important if you can add anybody that you apply the correct level of access - Initially we suggest that you

  1. Add permission for
  2. Click Read & Analyse as a minimum - You can also click Collaborate & Edit if you wish. DON'T click Manage Users
  3. If you tick the "Notify this user by email" box we will know you have completed the process

Now we are set to go and will review the reports and contact you to discuss.

The process for deleting us / or anyone else is the same.


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