How do I use the Client Centre?

Six Serving Men - Client Resource Center User Guide

Step 1 - Logging In

In order to login to the client resource center please goto

  • Click on the padlock symbol located to the top right of the website. 


You will then be taken to a login form.

  • Please enter your username and password then click "Submit"
  • If you have not received your username and password setup request please contact us on 0115 837 2663.


Once you login successfully you will be taken to the Resource Center Homepage

  • The padlock symbol will change to the person symbol, this shows you have logged in successfully
  • To return to this page at any time please click the person symbol as highlighted in red below.  


Step 2 - Using The Resource Center

In order to navigate the resource center there is a menu located to the left.


The Case History area shows you any previous submitted cases. These are organised by most recent cast at the top

  • New = Customer Support have received the case but it is yet to be actioned.
  • Open = It is being looked into and someone will be in touch soon.
  • Escalated = The issue is complex and has been escalated to Support Level 2.
  • Re-Opened = The case has been re-opened for further investigation.
  • Closed = The case has been resolved and is now closed.


Submit Support Request


Video Tutorials

  • There are over 150 video tutorials available on different aspects of the DBS system.
  • Clicking the Vido Library located towards the top of the video player will display a list of videos broken down into sections.
  • You can also use the dropdown menu located below the video player and make a selection, this will display the available videos for that particular section in the box below.

Literature Downloads

  • We also have guides which you can print and use, we will continue to develop this section further

Account Settings

  • In the account settings you are able to update your personal details and change your password.

Sign Out

  • To sign out of the secure area click "Sign Out" and this will log you out of the secure area.
  • To login to this area again click the Padlock located to the top right of the website to go to the sign in form.

To find out more about what we can do to help you please email us via or call us on Tel : 0115 837 2663
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