121 Systems hire Six Serving Men as their Digital Consultants and Web Developers



Six Serving Men instil a Digital Strategy, a new Content Management System and enhanced confidence for 121 Systems. Empowering 121 to own & control their Digital activity.


At the start of 2102 121 Systems marketing communications weren’t going to plan. Unfortunately, the company 121 Systems originally employed to assist weren’t delivering. The website suffered and became stagnant, it wasn’t moving forward in terms of its news or functionality and the search engine rankings had dropped significantly.

121 Systems were wary of consulting another company to continue the plan of moving forward. However when they attended one of Six Serving Men's seminar event, they demonstrated an in depth knowledge which together with their can do attitude and ethos instilled a confidence and sense of trust in their ability to deliver.

121 Systems commissioned 6SM to deliver the Digital Business Solution which has now given them the functionality that they were lacking before. It provided 121 with the capability to manage their website in house (a major plus for them) and develop a range of campaigns to drive traffic.

Six Serving Men meet us on a monthly basis to work with us to review our performance based upon analytics not gut feel. This determines the next course of action and together we define actions required to gain most commercial value. They provide commercial ideas and technical support for the website maintenance that frees up technical resources within our company. We are now ready to start moving forward with the digital marketing strategy and feel we have the solid support and tools to do so. Six Serving Men were definitely the right choice for 121 Systems” said Chris Sisson the Managing Director of 121 Systems.

"It has been a pleasure working with a company like 121 System. They appreciate the time and effort we have put in to making their website functional but also the need to treat your website as a commercial asset. The real work starts in helping them move forward with their Digital and Communications Strategy but due to their positive approach to include staff from all areas in developing their web collateral it's a great team effort." said Stefan Elliott of Six Serving Men.

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