Cookie Audit Deadline Approaches : 25th May 2011


The EU's Privacy and Electronic Communications 2002 Directive has been amended by a Directive of 2009 which member state of the EU must implement the provisions of the new law by 25th May 2011.

One of the areas covers consent of cookies gebnearted by web sites : The revised Directive makes explicit the need for a user's consent before serving cookies to that user's computer, unless the cookie is "strictly necessary" to provide a service "explicitly requested" by the user.

This is where the debate comes about on what is deemed strictly necessary or explicitly requested. Ed Vaisey (Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries) recognise this is difficult to enforce by the deadline of 25th May and do not expect the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to enforce it immediately. But the ICO will look to organisations to have steps in place to work out how they will implement – You don’t have to be there by the 25th May but need to have plans in place of what you are doing by the 25th May

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