Edinburgh - Ready steady email


Ready Steady eMail runs in Scotland for the first time.

Stef Elliott (6sm MD) ran the the first Scottish RSE event (www.readysteadyemail.com) at the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh 

Coordinated wit the Scottish DMA (www.dma.org.uk/about/sct-introduction.asp) and the Internet Advertising Board (www.iabuk.net)  45 attendees enjoyed the challenge of the event. Working through an active case study with support from industry experts the teams developed and presented digital strategies to enhance business performance.
"The contribution and enthusiasm of the delegates made the event a great success" commented Stef Elliott. "The challenge is to take the learnings back and apply them effectively to their own businesses. Seeing the proactive nature of the people who attended I don't see that as an issue."

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