Information Commissioner - Bulldog with Teeth!


Six Serving Men attended two events last week that highlighted the upcoming changes to the UK Information Commissioner's powers and the potential impact upon both business and consumers. 

With over 300 attending theThe 2010 Data Protection Officers Conference in Manchester and the DMA Annual Data Protection Conference both covered a range of topics ofthe importance of Data Protection.

On both days Christopher Graham highlighted the challenge organisations face with regard to Data Security given enhaced technology and customer expectations against a background of cost efficiencies in the current climate. To help raise the profile of the importance of Data protection and provide greater powers of censure the ICO now has the power to levy Civil Monetary penalties of £500,000 for reckless or repeated disregard of the law.

Whilst this figure will capture the headlines Mr Graham was keen to highlight that the initiative focus is to raise awareness rather than revenue.    

One Inititaive to get the focus on Data Protection up (or at least onto) the Board Agenda is The Privacy Dividend: the business case for investing in proactive privacy protection

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