Six Serving Men’s Analytics team achieve industry recognition


Six Serving Men demonstrate required knowledge to achieve Google Analytics Individual Qualifications. Real life experience of deploying Digital Strategies and in-depth knowledge of how to apply Analytics help team qualify.

The majority of business websites in the UK will use a product such as Google Analytics to gain a better understanding of visitors to their website. However without insight into what the reports and numbers are telling you and what actions you should take many companies miss out on the full benefit of the information.

The Google Analytics qualification accredits people who understand how to deploy and report on Google Analytics. Passing the exam shows that members of the Six Serving Men Analytics team have a solid understanding of implementing Google Analytics across a range of sites but also know how to convert the data into information that can drive effective business decisions.

I've seen Google Analytics in a both big multinational clients and sole traders, but the companies that drive the most value from the tool are those who understand what the information is showing and use it to develop their website or traffic generating marketing. The real value of the qualification is that to achieve the standard you have to understand and apply the knowledge. In our industry it’s important to remain up to date with the developing technology and the qualification gives our clients confidence that they are getting real life expertise that understands how best to use the tools available to help their business succeed ” said Stefan Elliott of Six Serving Men.

To get a better understanding of how Six Serving Men can help you drive value from Analytics to move your website in line with your commercial targets see Look for Six Serving Men on the Google Analytics Qualified Register. Want to find out more information about Google Analytics? Click Hereto see how Analytics can help move your website forward and bring it in line with your commercial targets.

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