ICO Guide to GDPR
Stef Elliott / 01-May-2020

ICO Issues Twelve Step Guidance on Preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation On March 14, 2016, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) published a guide, Preparing for the...

Social Media - Comparison
Stef Elliott / 01-Jan-2020

Earned Audience Comparison of Social Media ...

Email Marketing: Value not Volume
Stef Elliott / 01-Jan-2020

Many business marketers are struggling to make the most of email marketing. And this is often because consumers are just becoming more and more resistant to the medium, evermore quick to hit the dreaded 'unsubscribe'...

Big Data: What's all the fuss?
Stef Elliott / 01-Jan-2020

Data protection laws are changing and this will affect the way that your business uses personal data regardless of how big or small your data is. However you will likely have heard a lot of...

Why did the accountant cross the road?
Stef Elliott / 15-Dec-2014

Because it’s what they did last year! Excuse the early Christmas cracker joke but it often comes to mind when we talk to business owners about their digital...

What's stopping you becoming more digitally mature?
Stef Elliott / 30-Oct-2014

Evidence shows that: Companies that are more digitally mature are actually more profitable Most businesses realise that they cannot be left behind in...

Why should you consider a responsive website?
Stef Elliott / 06-Oct-2014

If you have a website then it is likely that a large number of your visitors will be visiting your site on a mobile device (a smartphone or tablet) and if they have a poor...

Is your business as digitally mature as it could be?
Stef Elliott / 16-Sep-2014

Do you feel that something is holding you back from fully capitalising on the potential offered by digital? Well you’re not alone. Lloyds Bank have published their new annual report on the digital...

Why cookies should be back on your agenda
Stef Elliott / 10-Sep-2014

If you have a website, web app or conduct email marketing and believed that the "Cookie monster" disappeared in the summer of 2012 - it may be sensible...

The benefits of user experience
Stef Elliott / 15-Jul-2014

What is user experience? You could think of a user’s first visit to your website as a first date. This encounter will set the first impressions and if it goes well there may be future dates,...

Why businesses fail online
Stef Elliott / 30-May-2014

It’s taken as a given that any serious business will have a website in 2014. But are all of these businesses successful online? Firstly we must define what online success actually is. What is online success? Your...

Google Universal Analytics - should I upgrade?
Stef Elliott / 27-Apr-2014

Measuring your website performance is a crucial part of making continuing improvements to your website. And the need to keep improving through change is more prevalent than ever in the constantly evolving digital age. This is...

The cleansing of SEO
Stef Elliott / 27-Mar-2014

SEO is a dirty word. Ok, perhaps that isn’t entirely accurate (aside from the obvious reason that SEO is an acronym, not a word). But it’s fair...

Digital Strategy - Ready Steady Go.....then Revisit and Refine
Stef Elliott / 11-Jan-2013

As part of the recent activity we have been doing for Royal Bank of Scotland I was asked the question by one of the delegates (a Banking Advisor who's portfolio includes...

QR Codes - Not One Size Fitz Hall
Stef Elliott / 19-Jan-2012

I have been meaning to write a blog post on QR codes and how to use them since I saw this poster advert whilst waiting for the Tube in London.

Cookies Six Month Solve by date
Stef Elliott / 24-Nov-2011

With Six months to go until the Information Commissioner's (ICO) own moratorium on enforcing the revised Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) -...

Digital Strategy, No need to burn your boats!
Stef Elliott / 13-Nov-2011

In 1519 Hernán Cortés landed in Mexico with 600 men, 16 horses and 11 ships, looking to conquer the Aztecs and seize their riches for Spain. According to legend Cortes knew that he had a...

Do a quick cookie audit if you fear the Cookie Monster?
Stef Elliott / 14-Apr-2011

In a previous post UK website owners responsibilities regarding new legislation was highlighted with four key actions

Waiting to see how the cookie crumbles is not enough?
Stef Elliott / 31-Mar-2011

  "Disable my cookies ?...

Email Marketing : Card playing Monkeys
Stef Elliott / 30-May-2010

At the recent DMA North email masterclass series I was asked to discuss retention email activity and speculate upon the key drivers that enable success.  ...