121 Systems - Case Study



"Six Serving Men have helped us put into place an effective Communications and Digital Strategy. They have helped us understand the benefits of Google Analytics and how to use our data properly They have shown us how to use social media to drive traffic to the website and how to measure it to make sure time isnt being wasted on unnecessary marketing activity."

Chris Sisson - Managing Director

The Problem

121 Systems had been working with a web design company to try and enhance their existing web sites. After significant time and effort they found themselves disgruntled as things were not moving along; Two years into a project the website had loose ends and they were unable to implement new ideas for enhancing their Digital capability.  


The Solution

Six Serving Men introduced 121 Systems to their Digital Business Solution, a platform hosted and managed by Adobe. The platform allows 121 Systems to bring the web development in-house but users do not need a vast amount of technical knowledge to maintain the system.
This has enabled 121 to focus on their activity on developing the content of their website and develop strategies for driving user engagement.  

The Result

121 now have the capability to maintain and update content on their website, when they need to. Regular reviews of performance are used to plan the tactics and actions needed to support the overall Communications and Digital strategy.
New Initiatives e.g. how best to use social media to drive traffic to the website are planned and monitored against defined KPI's to measure the effectiveness and ensure time isn't being wasted on unnecessary marketing activity 

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