Bauer Media - Case Study



"Six Serving Men provided practical advice into the development of our Digital and Data strategy. This has helped us focus upon developing the systems & skills required to develop our capability to enable us to recognise and respond accordingly to our customers and prospects.

Chris Gadsby - Director of Direct Marketing

The Problem

Bauer Media wanted to best utilise the contact data they hold and capture through various media channels across multiple brands. This included Consumer subscription data, email address data and web visitor information.
Whilst they had multiple channels and Digital assets the information was held in siloed repositories and enabled only limited Business Intelligence. 


The Solution

Six Serving Men worked with various areas of Bauer to develop and present the Business case for a coordinated Data and Digital strategy. Following Board approval ongoing support has been provided at Strategic and Tactical levels e.g. managing the process for evaluating and selecting a new Email Service provider.  

The Result

Bauer Media developed a new CRM database solution and Email service deployment capability. This has provided them with the capability to recognise and communicate more relevant information to their consumers.
Cost savings from the email deployment aspect alone were over £100,000 per year  

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