Opt-4 - Case Study



"We've introduced Six Serving Men in to some of our biggest and best clients. We know that they bring both a technical & marketing knowledge, but will deliver it in a pragmatic commercial way, that helps our clients move forward.

They always over deliver on our high expectations and I'm pleased to recommend them to you.

Jenny Moseley - Director

The Problem

Opt-4 provide a range of consultancy support relating to data protection and permission marketing. Aimed at delivering practical solutions to the problems encountered by marketers struggling to interpret the law.

Whilst possessing a wealth of experience to support their clients ensure that companies use of personal data does not put the company ¬≠or their brand name at risk, Opt-4 realised that they require specific specialist support with regard to existing and developing Digital communications . 


The Solution

Six Serving Men have an ongoing relationship to support Opt-4 providing specialist Digital technical knowledge to complement the skills of the Opt-4 team.  

The Result

Six Serving Men continue to provided both project and adhoc support to Opt-4, abnd also work with them on Trade & Industry initiatives.  

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