Sunnyheat UK - Case Study



"Six Serving Men were instrumental in getting our website ready for an exhibition. The turn around time was impressive as was the determination and skills they have. It took three days to get the website up and running with content, customised images and contact forms. We are now looking forward to working with Six Serving Men on our Digital Strategy."

Andy Elliott - Director

The Problem

Sunnyheat needed a website designing in a very short space of time so that it would be ready for a show they had coming up. The website needed to be well
presented, easy to use and be able to support a Digital Strategy in the near future.



The Solution

Six Serving Men used their Digital Business Solution to deliver the website. It allowed Sunnyheat to start creating and adding content whilst Six Serving
Men coded the way it would look and behave. 
The website was up and running within 3 days and able to capture information instantly. 

The Result

Sunnyheat now have a website which is able to capture customer data but also showcases the products Sunnyheat provide. Going forward it will also be able to support any Digital Strategy campaigns Sunnyheat wish to run whilst acting as a Customer Relationship Management tool, web marketing tool, e-commerce functionality and the ability to create new content as and when required but without the need for technical expertise.  

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