Towers Watson - Case Study



"I worked with Six Serving Men on a project to review and develop the business strategy for a large insurance company in Russia. We needed a company that could support us with in depth knowledge of markets, distribution channel strategy and digital marketing. This enabled us to build a strategy that created a step-change in performance and enabled the company to mitigate against inherent weaknesses identified during the review. "

Steve Thwaite - Lead Consultant

The Problem

Towers Watson were conducting a review for a large multinational insurance company who had recently acquired a Russian Insurance business. The company was reviewing its sales distribution and partner model. The company growth strategy relied heavily upon an existing agency structure but did not reflect the increasing consumer demand for digital sales and customer service.

Towers Watson had to conduct and present a detailed situational analysis that highlighted opportunities and proposed fully costed initiatives that would underpin the 3 year business plan.  


The Solution

Six Serving Men provided on site and remote support through the Situational Analysis project. This involved reviewing the aspirations of the business against existing capabilities and delivering a summary report of prioritising key areas that should be enhanced or developed  

The Result

Six Serving Men enabled Towers Watson to conduct and deliver a fully costed Digital development plan that was presented to both local and global boards.  

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