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  • How do I change my password?
  • How do I login to the Client Centre?
  • Do you have any case studies?

    The case studies can be found under the Case Studies section

    If there isn't a case study which matches your criteria please contact us with your requirements.

  • Google Analytics - how do I get to understand it?

    Google Analytics provides insight into how your website is performing. We can help you understand how you are performing but prefer to provide a quantitative overview rather than a qualitative summary.


  • How do I reply to emails from the support team?
  • How do I reset my Client Centre password?
  • How do I submit a request for support?
  • How do I use the Client Centre?
  • How do I use the literature download area?
  • How do I use the video tutorials area?
  • How does my website get visitors?

    Don’t fall into the fallacy of “If we build it they will come” 


    To attract new and returning visitors requires effort in various ways.

    The best method for you website will depend upon the type of business you run and your customer base. Visitors will do three things when they visit

    1. Find your site
    2. View your site
    3. Do something - All visits will end in clicking the exit button. The key is to ensure that you provide value for them whilst they are on your website that will encourage them to do what you have set out as the objective of the site e.g. Contact you via email, phone etc, Sign up for email updates, Buy products, Book an event, Print a document, view a video etc.

    Driving visitors to you site requires a range of approaches but don't focus just on HITS - that's an acronym for "How Idiots Track Success"

  • How many years have you been in business?

    Six Serving Men was established in January 2007. 

    Since then we have developed a number of solutions for a variety of Blue Chip organisations - See our References but an example of one of our clients are


  • I've lost my password to login - what do I do?

    Oh no - we've all done it.

    Go to our Client login page and use the Lost Password Link.

    Guide to Lost Password Process


  • What are the costs associated with a digital strategy?

    All websites have various costs associated with them.

    1. The URL costs – your name on the internet e.g. www.yourcompany.co.uk which will be used as the reference point or address that visitors can find you and your content at.

    2. Website build costs – to design your site will incur direct costs but also indirect costs. 

    3. The direct costs will be things such as web site design and build Indirect costs will include your time & effort designing the site and providing content. Website hosting costs – your website is a combination of files hosted on a machine somewhere. Technically you can host on your own machine or on a machine hosted by a third party. Most companies who don't host themselves use a third party where they have space on a shared server (unless they are big enough to have dedicated servers).

    4. Website maintenance costs - again your site will incur direct costs and indirect costs. The direct costs will be things such as adjustments to the website - if you don't posses the technical skills or capability to update them yourself. In addition there are a number of potential additional costs to drive traffic towards the site, e.g. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. 

    5.  Indirect costs will include your time effort updating content and ensuring the site is effective.

    The phrase ”total cost of ownership” is used to summarise the full price of your web presence - this is the cost you should use against the benefits you derive from your web presence.

  • What are the three factors that stop businesses being successful on the internet?
    1. Not having a clear strategy - if you don't know where you are going any road will take you "nowhere". This includes what you want to get out of your digital presence and what you wish to provide to visitors. 
    2.  Trying to run multiple disparate tools that do not communicate. 
    3. Not developing or learning from the behaviour visitors - digital assets and websites.

    It is important to adopt a 'Do - Review - Refine' approach to the activity.

    Whilst you will never finish your website, you can make constant improvements to the site based upon the feedback you get from your visitors - but only if you listen and act!

    We help companies develop and maintain the processes and reports to maintain an ongoing web / digital development platform {module_contentholder,3503} to find out more.

  • What is mapping the digital landscape?


  • What solutions do you offer?

    Six Serving Men's main solution is strategic marketing & commercial sales support.
    This involves both online & offline activity, including:

    • Market analysis & planning  
    • Collating and developing strategic plans
    • Establishing performance metrics and analytical reporting frameworks
    • Diagnostic analysis into existing capabilities
    • Implementation planning and ongoing support
  • Where can I find information about your company?

    We are developing a comprehensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) knowledgebase which allows our customers to find answers to questions about your products and services and much more.

    Please use this FAQ functionality to update as required.

  • Where can I find some customer testimonials?

    We are constantly developing the client testimonial information. 

    We have been fortunate to work with some great companies and help develop solutions that support their commercial goals.

    See our client testimonials or contact us to find out more.

  • Where do you host your websites from?

    Website hosting with Adobe Resilience and Security

    Six Serving Men use Adobe hosting technologies which provides you with Enterprise Infrastructure for your website. Adobe are the 14th largest company in the world with data centres in North America, Europe and Australia. The data centres that host our Digital Business Solution are located in Tier 4 data centre facilities, and the servers have:

    • Multiple cooling and power distribution paths for stability
    • Multiple active power distribution paths to help prevent down time from blackouts
    • Redundant components for fault tolerance
    • High connectivity and power into the machines

    All of the data centre facilities are connected to the Internet via Tier 1 networks, or have peering arrangements with Tier 1 networks. This means that the servers are essentially hooked in to the "backbone" of the Internet, which generally results in higher network speeds and lower latency from your customer's browser to the servers. Adobe uses reasonable efforts to make the services available 24x7.

    For further information please download the Technical FAQ's related to our Digital Business Solutions {module_literature,i,111430}

  • Who are Six Serving Men?

    Six Serving Men is our company name, derived from the Rudyard Kipling 'Just so' poems - "I keep six honest serving men, they taught me all I know. Their names are What & Why & When & How & Where & Who".

    The business was set up by Stefan Elliott in 2007 to provide businesses with Strategic commercial marketing support. 

    We are based in Nottingham, UK and our registered company number is 06076269.

     6SM is our short hand name and the URL of our website address.

  • Why do I need a website or digital presence?

    A great question and the first question we will ask you.

    Without having defined objectives for your site you may end up with a nice looking site, BUT if it does not work for your customers or your business, it won’t be effective.

    There are various reasons for your business having a web site, including:

    1. To generate increased sales – either directly through a site that enables sales or as a marketing site that will enable prospective customers to find & interact with you  .
    2. Providing updated information to existing clients.
    3. Serving as a reference point for your industry.
    4. Providing a forum for feedback from your existing and potential clients.
    5. Creating a higher profile for your business in the community.
    6. Raising public awareness.

    Ultimately it should come back to £'s - is it an asset or just a necessary cost ? You will generate value through:

    1. Direct Sales : Selling Services / Products, Providing Membership or subscriptions, Advertising, Events etc.
    2. Indirect Sales : Leads Generated, Attracting visits to a shop or attraction etc.
    3. Reducing costs : Enabling self service, Doing things quicker, Reducing the cost of order processing etc.

    Without understanding the benefits you seek to get from having a digital presence it is difficult to ensure you are being effective! 

  • Why the name Six Serving Men?

    Our name derives from a Rudyard Kipling poem from the Just So stories

    I keep six honest serving-men
    (They taught me all I knew);

    Their names are What and Why and When
    And How and Where and Who.

    For more info see the Wikipedia entry.

    Our logo reflects the inquisitive nature and challenging style but also acknowledges the "Orchestra Conductor" role required to bring together different departments, expertise and individuals to collaborate effectively in developing and implementing new solutions.

    If you are familiar with the concept of Six Thinking Hats you will understand the blue hat.      

  • Will I need my home website updating in the future?

    The simple answer is YesWebsites need to be relevant and “relevance is in the eye of the visitor”.

    If the content is not "current" or up to date new visitors will be put off and previous visitors will have little incentive to view material.

    To link your visitors with your content means your site must be interesting and recent. Too many sites are just electronic brochures - set up some time ago and have not been updated for months or years.

    This has a number of drawbacks, including:

    1. It is a missed opportunity to communicate with existing clients
    2. It does not provide any value to potential customers - and puts them off
    3. Search engines prefer and favour sites that have “up to date content”

    Once designed and built your site will be available but the information contained within it must be relevant so that any visitor will want to view it. You don't need to constantly alter the look but without the ability to update the content you will be at a disadvantage.