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What do we do?

We help businesses to reach their business goals through tailored strategic marketing plans.

We provide a range of marketing services as part of our strategies, including:

  • Analytics / Management Reporting
  • Data - Acquisition and Segmentation
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Online Advertising

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We provide accurate and in depth data on your marketing activity and then we explain what the numbers actually mean for you in simple terms.

Once the numbers make sense we help you to plan your future activity based on intelligence, not assumptions.


Data Acquisition and Segmentation

Quality is essential when sourcing data for potential customers

Data on your potential customers could be likened to gold dust in the eyes of most businesses. Core marketing methods such as email and direct marketing and even sales methods such as tele-sales, rely heavily on having quality source data in place. After-all, you can't email, write to or telephone people without first having their address or telephone number.

However the quality of this data is critical. The information needs to be current and accurate to ensure that your communications are actually reaching the intended person.

How can we help you with data?

  • We help you identify who your ideal audience are and where you can find their data
  • We help you ensure that the data is of a high quality and at the best price
  • We help you segment your data - working out where each customer is sat within the sales funnel
Email Marketing

Email marketing

Connecting directly with your consumers

To succeed with email marketing the key things that you need are:

  • Quality data
  • Timely, relevant content

Our email marketing services

  • We plan, run and review email marketing campaigns for our clients. If you have an existing or preferred email service provider this can be done through them, or we can run the campaign through our own email system.
  • We move you from campaign metrics to customer engagement metrics. This means planning campaigns and filtering data meticulously in order to target the people who are most likely to engage with your emails.
  • We track all email campaigns so that we can accurately measure the success of each campaign and constructively review the results.
Web Development

Website Development

We design and develop websites based on a core principle of functionality and effective audience targeting. We do this by using analytics to understand what your customers really want from your site.

We also make website responsiveness a priority, ensuring that our websites work across mobiles and tablets as well as desktops and laptops.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Making sure your online content ranks highly in search engine results

SEO can be broken down into two main categories, and a high ranking in the search engine results pages depends upon good practice across both categories.

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

On-page SEO involves formatting your online content to make it easy for Google (and other search engines) to find and categorise. On-page SEO techniques include custom URLs, formatted HTML headings and meta descriptions and accurate keywords placed within your content.

Off-page SEO involves using indirect techniques to help your online content rank higher, off-page techniques include quality back-link building. 

Our SEO services

  • We create tailoured SEO strategy plans, which clearly specify the SEO techniques you should be using for your online content and the results you can expect from them
  • We help you to move from brand focussed keywords to customer query focussed keywords, which will greatly improve the chances of your content appearing when your target audience search online
Social Media

Social media

Build interactive relationships with your target audience

Social media has a high profile as a medium but many of the benefits associated via Social media must be earned before they can be reaped. To act as a valuable marketing resource requires time and effort in order to build networks and appropriate audience.

One of the keys to efficient social media marketing is measurement. It's very easy to get lost in the opportunities of social media without really analysing what impact it is having on your business. 

How can we help you with social media?

  • We identify which platforms you should focus upon
  • We help drive traffic to your website through social media
  • We measure how effective your social media activity is using analytical tools
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