The following are links to companies and websites that we have found useful or of interest.
If you have any links that you feel would be useful please email us and let us know - thank you  

1. Compass Research : Market Research company that focus on helping companies make the correct business decisions based upon the right information at the right time.
2. Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber Of Commerce :
A subscription based organisation providing support for East Midlands based businesses. They also work to make changes to governments legislations in order to benefit businesses. Part of the British Chamber of Commerce. 
3. Direct Marketing Association :

Six Serving Men have provided training for the DMA focused around Email Marketing. The DMA provide businesses with guidance and support relating to Direct Marketing

4. E-Consultancy :

Six Serving Men are members of Econsultancy which is a community where the world's digital marketing and ecommerce professionals meet to sharpen their strategy, source suppliers, get quick answers, compare notes, help each other out and discover how to do everything better on-line. We often use the findings from research papers for presentation purposes. 

5. Information Commissioner's Office :
Six Serving Men are members of the ICO, we comply by guidelines to manage our data in-house and keep up to date with privacy matters. We provide consulting for a number of clients on how to make sure they comply with guidelines, changes to privacy policies, the most recent being the Cookies Policy. They are responsible for upholding the rights of the public when it comes to data privacy. 
6. Institute Of Directors :
Six Serving Men are members of the IoD. Giving us access to various meeting rooms around the country and networking opportunities. They are an influential organisation which represents concerns to government and provide professional support for businesses when required,  
7. Opt-4 :

Opt-4 provide consultancy on the Data Protection Act and the Electronics Communications Act. They specialise in permission based marketing and help marketers stay compliant with privacy laws. 

8. W3Schools :

W3Schools provide free on-line tutorials on how to develop websites. All the information here is easy to find and they also have examples of how to apply it. A very useful tool for beginners who are wanting to learn about website technologies or people wanting to get a better understanding of how websites works.   

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