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Six Serving Men : Services

{{company_name}} Service : Digital Effectiveness
Digital Effectiveness

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Enabling you to

{{company_name}} Service : Data Strategy and Audit
Data Strategy and Audit

Turning Data into insight and insight into actions

So that you can

- Identify who your ideal audience are and where you can find their data.
- We help you ensure that the data is of a high quality and at the best price.
- We help you segment your data for best effect

{{company_name}} Service : eMail Marketing
eMail Marketing

To succeed with email marketing you need Quality data & Timely, relevant content.

We help you to

- Plan, run and review your email marketing campaigns.
- Move from campaign metrics to customer engagement metrics.
- Track and measure the success of campaign and constructively review the results.

{{company_name}} Service : Digital Engineering
Digital Engineering

We design and develop websites based on a core principle of functionality and effective audience engagement.


- We do this by using analytics to understand what your customers really want from your site.
- We also make website responsiveness a priority, ensuring that our websites work across mobiles and tablets as well as desktops and laptops.

{{company_name}} Service : Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation


Reviewing your

{{company_name}} Service : Social Media Analysis
Social Media Analysis


We ensure


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