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Life Begins at 40? Digital Sales or Receptionist

Stef Elliott - Saturday, November 07, 2009

In the last month two significant Digital birthdays have occured with The internet itself and Google reaching 40 and 10 years old respectively.

Google celebrated (and marketed themselves) with an excellent collage of their fantastic growth over the last decade 


So as Google enters those traumatic teenage years it will be interesting to see how they develop - what's next and if the internet copes with any mid Life crisis!

2010 will no doubt see a continued growth in advertising expenditure targeted at the Internet as companies continue to invest in Digital channels   
  Advertising share 2003 to 2008
Source - Ofcom's Sixth annual Communications Market report   

A recent e-consultancy report into website conversion rates highlights the potential missed opportunities that companies are ignoring by using their web capability solely as a static brochure. This is particularly relevant given the survey participants are drawn from a more digitally aware population. 

Moving forward the clear commercial advantage for companies who start treating their website and associated digital assets as a Sales person rather than as a Receptionist!  But this means applying the same disciplines.

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