How we use LinkedIn

We ({{company_name}}) maintain a company profile on LinkedIn. We use this for occasional posts on our own profile in addition to contributions to various groups. Our posts will be based upon topics which we believe are relevant such as:

  • Alerts about new content on our digital channels (news, events, blog posts, videos on YouTube etc.)
  • Items which we believe are of interest to our followers

Individual employees maintain their own LinkedIn profiles which they use for a range of purposes and have personal responsibility for. We do not control views and comments expressed upon 3rd party websites.

Direct messages

We aim to reply individually to all of the direct messages we receive via LinkedIn within 48 hours. If your matter is more urgent please email us via {{email_us}} or call us on {{call_us}}.


We will update and monitor our LinkedIn account regularly however LinkedIn may occasionally be unavailable through no fault of our own and we accept no responsibility for such a lack of service due to LinkedIn downtime.