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Six Serving Men are a Digital consultancy based in the East Midlands and we help companies like yours  

  • Develop and execute practical Digital Marketing Strategies.
  • Bring together offline and online marketing methods to deliver pragmatic solutions.
  • Use insight (e.g. Google Analytics) to evaluate how they are performing and track your marketing campaigns effectiveness.
  • Develop management reporting to show you what works and what doesn't.  
  • Ensure effective actions are taken and helping them meet regulations such as the Data Protection Act .  

Treating your digital capability as an Asset not just a necessary cost?

How much business does your website drive recently ? If your sales person was making 50 visits a month and was not closing any business, you would want to know why? You should treat your digital capability the same! 

Companies fail in the Digital space because

  1. They do not have a clear Strategy
  2. They do not review their Performance and adjust their behaviour
  3. They have a variety of separate  technical solutions to master   
We can show you how your website can add value to your business and become an integral part of your company’s structure. Receiving a monthly report of the data is one thing, making use of it and understanding it properly is totally another.

We call it Measurable Marketing, Managing Success.

Free Review to DNCC members

We promise not to baffle you with technical jargon but instead give you an insight into your customer’s interaction with your website and show you how to get better results. All we need is an hour of your time for the initial consultation so  please email us via help@6sm.co.uk or call us on Tel : 0115 837 2663 for your free review. We can definitely help you!

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