Why is Web Marketing to Drive Traffic important for your business?

Maintaining contact with Customers and getting new prospects!

The Internet is now the primary source for customers and prospects to finding information about your business and to interact with your company.

Visitors to your website will arrive either;

  • Directly - typing in your URL or clicking an email you send them
  • Indirectly - from a third party site e.g. Industry body, Search Engine or Social Media site 

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How can we help ?

Your website visitors will be made up of existing and new customers who will be arriving at you site for a range of reasons and through multiple channels. 

Given a finite amount of Time, Money and Resources it is important that you help your customers find you. We help you determine

  • What Channels you should use.
  • How you get repeat visitors
  • How to review your processes to enable you to refine your Digital capability
  • Understand how to best engage and how with your Online Audience

What Do we do ?

Email marketing

Connecting directly with your consumers

To succeed with email marketing the key things that you need are:

  • Quality data
  • Timely, relevant content

Our email marketing services

  • We plan, run and review email marketing campaigns for our clients. If you have an existing or preferred email service provider this can be done through them, or we can run the campaign through our own email system.
  • We move you from campaign metrics to customer engagement metrics. This means planning campaigns and filtering data meticulously in order to target the people who are most likely to engage with your emails.
  • We track all email campaigns so that we can accurately measure the success of each campaign and constructively review the results.


Building affiliations with relevant websites in order to extend your audience

Referral sites are other websites which refer people to your own website. If you choose websites which are relevant to your target audience then you can reach your audience by placing links to your own website on these affiliate sites.

How can we help you with affiliates?

  • We identify which websites your target audience is spending their time on
  • We help to establish strong links with the websites which attract your target audience, in order to drive referrals to your own website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Making sure your online content ranks highly in search engine results

SEO can be broken down into two main categories, and a high ranking in the search engine results pages depends upon good practice across both categories.

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

On-page SEO involves formatting your online content to make it easy for Google (and other search engines) to find and categorise. On-page SEO techniques include custom URLs, formatted HTML headings and meta descriptions and accurate keywords placed within your content.

Off-page SEO involves using indirect techniques to help your online content rank higher, off-page techniques include quality back-link building. 

Our SEO services

  • We create tailoured SEO strategy plans, which clearly specify the SEO techniques you should be using for your online content and the results you can expect from them
  • We help you to move from brand focussed keywords to customer query focussed keywords, which will greatly improve the chances of your content appearing when your target audience search online

Online Advertising

Reaching your target audience through advertising on third party websites

Potential online places you may consider advertising your products or services include search engines, social media sites or publishing sites.

Search engine advertising

Advertising on search engines can be a smart move. The fact that your potential customers are using a search engine means that they are already actively seeking out a product or service and are therefore much more likely to click on your advert if it is relevant to their search. 

  • Pay per click (PPC) - most search engine advertising works on a pay per click basis, meaning that you, as the advertiser, pay the search engine (i.e. Google) every time somebody clicks on your advertisement. Allocation of the advertising spaces is usually decided through a bidding process, where advertisers bid to have their advert featured every time a specific search engine query is entered. This process ensures that all adverts are relevant to what the search engine user is actually searching for.
Social media advertising

Social media advertising provide the ability to effectively target your ideal audience based upon a range of user demographic data to target users for different types of advertising in a very specific manner. Popular social media advertisement options include:

  • Facebook custom audiences
  • LinkedIn adds
  • Twitter sponsored posts

How can we help you with third party digital advertising?

  • We help identify the best third party advertising mediums for your business needs
  • We support you to develop test activity based upon results to understand and develop your activity in line with your business goals.   

To find out more about how we can help you with Web Marketing to Drive Traffic for your business please  please email us via help@6sm.co.uk or call us on Tel : 0115 837 2663 .

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