Google Analytic's Reporting

Past performance is a guide to future performance! 

Whilst financial investments carry the caveat that past performance cannot be used to predict future performance, the same is not true of your website effectiveness.
As Website technology evolves and in the noise regarding social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, the challenge business owner’s face is ensuring you focus time and money on the areas that bring the best returns.

Recent research from shows that whilst 97% of companies use their websites to communicate with their customers, it is the companies who use their web analytics effectively drive most commercial benefits.

Treating your website as you would a sales tool or any other marketing collateral means you can translate your websites performance data into business insight and real actions to drive leads or sales. 

 Graph to show how companies evaluate their websites

 EConsultancy Customer Experience

What stops businesses from using the information?

 Tools such as Google Analytics have provided a wealth of data but without actively reviewing the available information it is difficult to drive valuable insight. 
 “Not everything that you can count, actually counts!” and without understanding what the data is telling you and helping you decide what actions you can take, it is just noise.         

Free website performance review

We have reviewed your website and noticed you have Google Analytics tracking. At Six Serving Men we believe strongly that our analytics services must drive value and to demonstrate how we help drive businesses commercial success we want to offer you a free performance review. 

Our free review will show you how your website can add value to your business and become an integral part of your company’s structure. We promise not to baffle you with technical jargon but instead give you an insight into your customer’s interaction with your website and why they may or may not be choosing you.  

 6SM Google Analytics Qualified Individuals
The review will be conducted by a Google Analytics qualified professional and is based upon a methodology we have used for companies such as FHM Magazine, Royal Bank of Scotland the BBC and other East Midland Businesses.   


The review will highlight specific areas to focus upon to improve the effectiveness of your Digital activity – For example the graph below shows how we increased the visitors for one of our clients whilst reducing their reliance of traffic generated through a paid search activity – Improving visits and saving money! 

Google Organic Traffic v Google Adwords Traffic

(Blue line represents Organic, Orange line represents Adwords)

To enable us to conduct this report for you we 
1.Need you to enable us access to your Google analytics reports – please contact us for our user guide.
2.Will collate a report that we will  summarise performance for you to review
3.Will coordinate a follow up call to talk you through the findings  

Alternatively please  please email us via or call us on Tel : 0115 837 2663 if you need any help on setting the Analytics access up. 

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