What we do ?

Help you Increase your Sales and Manage your costs

Six Serving Men enable companies to improve their financial performance by

  • Helping you communicate more effectively with your customers
  • Enhancing how you best recruit new customers given your resources 
  • Designing and providing Management Information that drives actions
  • Challenging you to test new initiatives in a pragmatic structured way
  • Developing your team through enhancing their awareness and knowledge

With our passion for measurable marketing you won’t be surprised to hear that we always focus on the “So what” question first - “so what are we trying to achieve?”.

Establishing the critical success factors and how to best qualify and quantify them, provides the framework to

  • Understand your existing capabilities and constraints
  • Determine the most appropriate activities and prioritise initiatives based upon real benefits
  • Ensure the framework for realising those benefits is in place, and has credibility and buy in across the board 
We go beyond the general business platitude that “our people, customers, processes etc are our real asset” by establishing real measures and methods to enable you to monitor and manage on going performance. 

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