What is Strategy and Performance Management?

Digital Strategy - Doing the right things !

Strategy is defined as "A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim". Whereas Tactics are the means or actions with which strategy is carried out. 

Strategy and Performance Management

  • Strategy - Doing things Effectively - getting a desired correct result
  • Tactics - Doing things Efficiently - getting a result

All companies have a Digital Strategy but it is often undefined, having just evolved and built up from a range of digital tools over time. Many companies

  • Don't have a clear idea of who they are wanting to communicate with and how  
  • Have lots of unlinked tools set up to meet these undefined objectives.
  • Do not review actual performance and use this info to refine future capability 

To succeed requires insight into customers' behaviour, the capacity to adjust technology and processes to enhance communications, and the collaboration across your business to ensure customer focused activity aligns with the business goals. 

How can we help ?

We pro-actively manage the activity to ensure you align your resources to best meet your commercial goals and objectives by

  • Understanding your business goals
  • Setting out clear digital objectives that support your business goals
  • Bringing together offline and online content
  • Establishing agreed SMART Key Performance Indicators for your digital business
  • Co-ordinating the different areas of your business to best support your communication goals
  • Building a clear Digital and Communications Strategy that is tailored to your business goals
  • Establishing the processes to regularly review and refine your Digital capability

We help you to Understand your Digital Landscape

What Do we do ?

Defining Strategy - Where you want to go ? 

Our Strategy review activity focusses upon understanding and developing how your company assets are coordinated to successfully deliver the commercial benefits from your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service. 

We map your existing capability and identify areas to enhance your capability - developing your platforms, people or processes in line with your commercial benefits.

Management Information - How you Measure Performance ?

To succeed your Digital Strategy must benefit from experiential learning

  • Doing, reviewing, and refining your activity based upon actual performance versus your commercial objectives.
  • Understanding what's worked, why and what you could do next. 
  • This enables you to interact more effectively through more customised and personalised offerings with customers and drive initiatives based upon data driven decision making.

Unfortunately not everything you can count - counts ! We help you focus upon the important metrics that you should manage your activity from.

Digital Strategy Management - So What are we going to do next ?

Managing your Digital Strategy can be a complicated task,

  • In large organisations this involves several departments e.g. Sales, Technical, Design, Legal, Finance and Marketing. Being able to get these departments to collaborate can sometimes require external influence in order to oversee the project. 
  • In smaller business, time is at a premium and without the discipline and structure of regular reviews the Digital capability can drift or just evolve based upon tactical options. 

We ensure that you have an effective digital strategy on which to build your business and compete within an ever increasing competitive environment. This drives your commercial success.

To find out more about how we can help you with Strategy and Performance Management for your business please  please email us via help@6sm.co.uk or call us on Tel : 0115 837 2663 .

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