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The Solution

Six Serving Men worked with various areas of Bauer to develop and present the Business case for a coordinated Data and Digital strategy. Following Board approval ongoing support has been provided at Strategic and Tactical levels e.g. managing the process for evaluating and selecting a new Email Service provider.
Six Serving Men designed an interactive training session that provides RBS Business Advisors with practical insight into the complexities of Digital Strategies, Websites, Search engine Marketing and Social Media.

Aimed at an audience with a range of experience and exposure to Digital marketing the training is both entertaining and insightful, using real life examples whilst relating the activity back to the business disciplines underpinning the course.
Six Serving Men introduced 121 Systems to their Digital Business Solution, a platform hosted and managed by Adobe. The platform allows 121 Systems to bring the web development in-house but users do not need a vast amount of technical knowledge to maintain the system.
This has enabled 121 to focus on their activity on developing the content of their website and develop strategies for driving user engagement.
Six Serving Men developed a new interactive website for Xact, using a platform which would allow them to take control of their website and online activity in-house without any need for technical knowledge.
Six Serving Men used their Digital Business Solution to deliver the website. It allowed Sunnyheat to start creating and adding content whilst Six Serving
Men coded the way it would look and behave. 
The website was up and running within 3 days and able to capture information instantly.
Six Serving Men have an ongoing relationship to support Opt-4 providing specialist Digital technical knowledge to complement the skills of the Opt-4 team.

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