Why Companies use us

Technology is a great enabler - It really can help businesses engage & communicate with their customers. However many companies have existing practices and processes that have just evolved over time, rather than a focus on what is important and achievable today?

In the process of running business, particularly in the modern environment, it is often difficult to stop and review the appropriateness or effectiveness of activities that may have previously served your business well – “It’s hard to change the tyres on the car as it’s doing 70mph down the motorway”.

Six Serving Men provide companies with independent dedicated support to diagnose what they are trying to achieve, the resources they have available and what solutions best address these requirements.

Our independence means that :

  • We don’t have an agenda – we’ll speak frankly
  • We don’t have a range of predefined products we have to try to sell you.

It enables us to focus upon what is needed and provide practical solutions that bring real business benefits in line with your company’s specific goals & objectives.

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